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Write Nonfiction in November

During the month of November, use blog posts to write a book by the end of the month.

Subject of the book:
Create your own blog as an electronic “home” for any future ventures online.

Why you would want to create an electronic home now rather than wait until later:
Several reasons:
  1. If you wish to write your own book and publish it on Kindle, having a blog to connect with your readers is a good idea.
  2. If you have ideas or expertise you would like to share, a blog is a good place to start.
  3. Also, in the online world, age is a good thing. The longer a site has been around and active, the more fondly search engines like Google look at the site.

Many people say that if you are really serious about creating an online business, you should create your blog using self-hosted Wordpress. Well, that's fine and good if you are ready to jump into the deep end of the pool and spend the money and time it takes to figure out Wordpress and the hosting site.

But what if you only want to wade ankle-deep into the water?
What if you're not ready to spend a lot of time understanding how to set up a Wordpress site?

A good way for someone who has never had a website or blog before is through Blogger.com.
Blogger has an especially easy to use setup. You can keep your blog super simple. Or you can jazz it up a bit and even get a custom website name (URL). Even that amount of customizing your new site is still easy to do and minimal cost.

I'll walk you through creating a simple blog.

Twelve Steps to Create Your Own Website in a Weekend

  1. Setting up your initial account. See #2.
  2. How to insert a picture.
  3. Where are your pictures stored?
  4. How to format your post to make your font larger, bold or different colors.
  5. How to format your post to catch your readers eye
  6. What is a Widget and How to add it to your blog.
  7. How to create a custom header (the banner at the top of the blog)
  8. How to get someone to inexpensively make a custom header for you.
  9. How to put a custom header into your blog
  10. How to customize the colors of your blog

These twelve steps will get you started with a blog that you can be proud to tell your friends about.

I will be posting these steps throughout this month.

Is there anything you think I should include in this list? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks to Nina at http://writenonfictioninnovember.com/ for the idea to write a non-fiction book in the month of Novemeber.

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