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Comparing Smartphones to White Castle

Today I had White Castle for lunch. Those mini-burgers, the size of a dinner roll, that I will go out of my way to get when the carving hits.
Looking at the packaging printed with “celebrating 90years”, I mentioned to my husband that I remember when they celebrated their 50th.

He just looked at me and said: “You’ve had a long term relationship with them, haven’t you?”

I blinked at him a few times as I thought about that. Yes, White Castle and I have had a very long term relationship. Or to put it another way, I am extremely loyal to that brand.

Like most families I knew growing up, we didn’t go out to eat very much. When we did, it was a fast food place where my sister and I would split a burger. Since neither one of us could finish a burger on our own my mother didn’t waste the money buying us each one.

When we stopped at White Castle, the burgers were small enough that we could finish them so we each got our own.

Unknowingly, White Castle had filled a great desire in my 6-year old heart: to have my own burger I didn’t have to share.

This wasn’t a need. I had plenty to eat splitting the other burgers with my sister. It was a very strong want. And because they were able to fill that want so well for those grade school years, they have gotten over forty years of brand loyalty from me.

Sometimes finding a Need and filling it isn’t the best way to create brand loyalty. Sometimes the best way to create brand loyalty and repeat customers is to find a Want and fill it.

We’ve gotten older but the want of not having to share is still there. It’s no longer about a burger but it could be about an iPad or a smartphone. How often have you watched your husband or child playing on a smartphone and wished you had one of your own?
But then you talk yourself out of it because it’s just too complicated. And you don’t need your teenager rolling his eyes at you if you try asking for help.

If only a smart phone company would put out a manual that truly explained the features of their phone in a way we could understand. They don’t realize that when we find something we like, we tell other women about it. So filling the want we have, for a smartphone we can understand, not only gets them one loyal repeat customer but several of her friends as well.

When comparing smartphone companies to White Castle, the smartphone companies still don't understand what our want is.

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