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Am I the only one who gets choked up seeing the flag go by in a parade?

I love 4th of July parades.

I particularly love them in a small town.

For a number of years I lived in a small town where the parade route was from the firehouse to the church which was about 3 football fields away.

The parade had our town firetrucks and those from 2-3 neighboring towns. There were also the local boy scout and girl scout troops and a hay wagon turned into a float by a local youth group. Our town wasn't big enough to get the band from the regional high school so we just did the police and fire sirens instead.

Out in front of the parade was a police car with sirens blaring escorting the Color Guard with the American flag. (I can't believe I'm getting tears in my eyes just describing this!)

To me, this type of homespun parade is so symbolic of what America is about.
Folks gathering to celebrate an important event together without corporate sponsorship or high-tech displays.

This is hometown America.
Happy 4th of July! Hope your parade inspires you.

Just came across this video of the fourth verse of the National Anthem.
Does it get you choked up as much as the first verse?

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