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How to Create an Easy Blog

One of the biggest things for a beginner blogger is to feel in control of your own blog. It should be simple enough to understand that you can take care of everything from posting to layout on your own. Blogger's blogspot system does that.

I'm here to help you set up a blog you can understand and keep up on your own without needing a 12-year old to decipher for you.

If you can do email, you can do blogging.

I'll show you it really is that easy. No special software, just a computer and an Internet connection.

I've had Blogger blogspot blogs dating back to 2002. First they were personal diary type blogs. Then the next ones were about my painting artwork. And more recently my business blogs. In all of those blogs, I've customized the free templates to do what I wanted and look the way I wanted.

My "day job" is being an engineer so I like figuring out how things work and I'll research something until I understand it. Over the years I've blogged, I've figured out more and more about how to customize a blogspot blog.

And I want to share that knowledged.

Since blog creation and layout is not the subject of this blog, I started a new one, Boomers on Blogger. On that blog, I will provide step-by-step, easy to follow advice and tutorials for creating a Blogger (blogspot.com) blog and customizing it to do what YOU want.

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