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Boomer Women - old enough to know what we want & young enough to go after it

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I did some brainstorming of the types of articles I’d like to write on this blog. I used my Elevator Speech as a starting point:

Marketers ignore Trailblazing Boomer Women. 
Their Error.
Let’s explore Creativity, Marketing to Boomers 
& Starting a Business.

As I thought of post ideas, I linked them to one of the three categories I had in my elevator speech.

Click on Mind Map for a readable view.

To my surprise, all of the ideas fell into 2 of the categories. None of the ideas linked to the third one!
This gave me a clearer picture of which way I want to take this blog. A general road map to follow. It also showed me that my elevator pitch was no longer relevant.
I revised my pitch based on the results of the above road map.

The newest evolution of my blog’s elevator pitch or mission statement:

Trailblazing Boomer Women are 
old enough to know what we want and 
young enough to go after it.

Let's explore starting a business marketing to
Boomer Women.

Since my elevator pitch is in the design of my blog business card, I've redesigned that as well. Good thing I hadn't ordered them yet.

Here's the front and back design for my blog business card:


I wanted to have the card contain the URL, contact info, elevator pitch and the two images I use as branding for the blog. That would have been too crowded for a one-sided card so I opted to do a two-sided card. There is still a little white space if someone wanted to jot a note on it while we spoke.
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