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Look Who's Turning 50!

Hi! I’m Ann and I turn 50 today!
Happy Birthday to Me!

I started this blog a few months ago. Part of the original impetus for it was as a present to myself to celebrate turning 50. This blog has turned into a great way to meet some fantastic people.
What a better celebration of life than that!

So I’m asking you to help me celebrate my 50th birthday by joining me in kicking off the first ever Boomer Women Wednesday Blog Hop!

A blog hop is a linked list of blogs that are shared on multiple blogs.
Each blogger:
  1. Adds her info to the link list.
  2. Reposts the link tool on her own blog to promote the blog hop.

Blog visitors can add their blog on any blog that has the link list and it will show up on all the blogs with the link list.
This allows readers to “hop” along the list visiting different blogs.

 (Here's the link for the graphic if you'd like to use it: http://ow.ly/5ahEW )

  1. This blog hop is for, by or about Boomer Women. So if you have a blog post that qualifies under one of those, please add the post to the list. Please add only one post per blog.
  2. Grab the code at the end of this post and add it to your blog. This allows reader to hop from blog to blog.
  3. Visit the blogs on this blog hop and ENJOY!
If you's like to leave a comment rather than joining the blog hop, that's great too!

Get the Link code here:

Click here or below to add to the link list

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