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Marketers Pay Attention: Proof that Boomer Women are Big Facebook Users

I hear people say that Boomers are not on the internet so they are not worth marketing to on the internet.

But is this really true?

We didn’t use the internet as children but are Boomers really that scarce on the internet? I didn’t believe so and went diving into statistics to find out.

From 60-80% of all Boomers use the internet. Not that far behind the Gen X'rs.

Facebook claims that in the US, 49% of all internet users use Facebook.
My analysis shows that Boomers in general average about the same user rate on Facebook.

I also found that
More than 50% of all Boomer Women internet users
use Facebook.

That puts Boomer Women at above average usage of Facebook.

To me, that sounds like a market segment worth paying attention to!
Don't you agree?

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