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Following My Muse Again

Lots of information.
In teaching myself to play the Bowed Psaltery, I did a lot of research.
Since I'm an engineer and tend to research things in great depth, I have a lot of information that I've collected on how the beginner can teach herself to play the Bowed Psaltery.

Why a hobby musician is the best person to write a book.
I decided to share all my research so anyone can learn how to enjoy playing this wonderful instrument even if they've never played before. Most how-to beginner books are written by experienced professional musicians who have forgotten just how little a non-musician knows about music. My novice status as a musician is the reason I'm so qualified to write this book. Once I gave myself permission to be an expert at being a beginner, the idea of the book just took off.

Passion for the subject makes project go fast.

The book is scheduled to be available this July. I'm enjoying writing it.
Click here to get the free article on tuning a Bowed Psaltery and a sneak peek at my writing style.
Could you be an expert?
Do you have something you are passionate about?
Do you know a small part of it very well?
Give yourself permission to be an expert in that part of the subject.
It's amazing what you can do when you get out of your own way!
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