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Great Internet Marketing by Thinking like a Teacher.

The website, Copyblogger.com, published a post by Jennifer Louden titled “Want to be a Better Marketer? Start by Becoming a Better Teacher”.

This post was about how skills you need to teach someone are the same ones used in marketing.

And that no one knows it all.

Two sentences jumped out at me. I think they talk to all of us who believe we don’t know enough to teach or be an expert on a subject.

Would-be teachers often hold back and wait for someone to dump holy water on them and say, “Yes, you’re ready to teach now. You know it all!”
 Sidestep all that mess: give yourself permission to teach. Ground yourself in what you do know, keep learning, stay humble — but stop waiting!

Then come back and leave a comment about your thoughts on the Copyblogger post.

As women, we often feel we need to be the "perfect" expert before we can admit to having a good knowledge of a subject or strategy. If internet marketing is like teaching, isn't there an old saying about the teacher learning more from the students?
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