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How to Build Self Esteem with a Cup of Coffee

So much of what we do as women is nurturing others. 
  • We support. 
  • We encourage. 
  • We help others see how remarkable they are.

Yet we tend not to see how remarkable we are.
How many times has someone complimented you and you turned the conversation back on them?
Or you downplay what you accomplished?

“What this? Anyone could do it”

But the thing is, not just anyone can do what you do. To you, it’s an everyday thing. You know it and assume everyone else does too. But not everyone has your combination of experiences and skills.

Maybe you can taste the sauce simmering on the stove and just know that it needs a pinch of a certain spice to make it perfect. If someone complimented you on that skill, you say “anyone would know that.”

Well, I’m an “anyone” and I can tell you for a fact that I don’t have that skill. My cooking skills are horrible! I can read a technical manual and tell you what it says in simple English but please, please, please don’t ask me to figure out what spices go into a meal. Better yet, for your own sake, don’t ask me to cook!

You’ve had years to collect the level of skill you have in things you do every day. Yet because you do it every day, you don’t think of it as a skill.

  • You raised children to be healthy, happy adults. Not everyone can say that.
  • You worked in a male-dominated industry all your life and came out with your sanity. You have survival skills that young women starting out would love to know about.

I have a task for you.
First drink a large cup of coffee…

Okay. Now.

Grab pen and paper and write down 3 things you are amazing at.

NO cheating!

You must write down 3 skills you have.

And here’s your incentive. 
Remember that big cup of coffee you drank? You can’t go to the bathroom until you write down your 3 amazing skills.
Yup, you’re going to admit, on paper, that you are an amazing person with amazing skills or you’re going to be doing a little dance in that chair until you do.

You nurture and support and find value in everyone around you.
Didn’t it feel good to nurture and support yourself?
Okay. Now you can use the bathroom. We’ll talk more later!
Hey, no running in the hall!
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