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What I learned about Marketing Communications from Mirassou Winery

Yesterday I was at a wine tasting sponsored by Mirassou Winery where I learned some highly effective marketing strategies. David Mirassou, a sixth generation owner of this family-run business spoke to a group a over 100 women bloggers and entrepreneurs about his family business at the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in Chicago.

Communication Strategy #1
Make it Personal.

When David Mirassou, a 6th generation owner in this family-run business, first spoke with us, he didn’t start talking about the wine. He started telling us about the family behind the business. He told us about his grandparents (six generations back) who were visionary enough to see the fruitful soil for planting rather than being consumed by the Gold Rush fever of 1880’s California. How they found a way for their fruit cuttings to survive the ocean voyage when the ship’s captain would not let them use drinking water on the plants.

Communication Strategy #2
Tell What Makes Your Business Unique.

David told how those original California grandparents were the first to grow a special nutritious plum that kept it’s nutritional value even when dried. And how this dried plum was often found in the back pocket of goldminer. H e continued to tell us about the innovations his family brought to winemaking over the generations such as being the first to use mechanical harvesting.

David had yet to talk specifically about his company’s wines but by successfully using the above two communications strategies, I could hardly wait to try the Mirassou wines.

All of this personal story telling was great for setting up a customer to be on your side and want to like your product. But those strategies must always be accompanied by this one:

Communication Strategy #3
Sell a Good Product.

I prefer sweet wines. When David said he had brought a Moscato wine which is similar in sweetness to a Riesling, that was the one I wanted to try. I love Reislings (sometimes called Ice Wines.) After listening to the family stories I was inclined to like their wine even before trying it. What was unexpected was just how good the wine actually was. The winery had a very good product.

This Moscato wine produced by Mirassou Winery kept the promise made by the first two marketing strategies. Listening to a winery family member tell stories about his family in the business made me want to like their product. Then the product itself was better than I expected. This combination made a fan out of me. Usually when buying wine, I go for type rather than brand. From now on, my preference will be the Mirassou brand and specifically their Moscato wine.

My thanks to David Mirassou for the real life case study in successful marketing strategy.

If all of that were not enough to make me a fan of this company, Mirassou Winery believes in Paying It forward. Their Bright Ideas grant program will be awarding $20,000 to empower innovators to start a business or make a difference. Check out their Facebook page to learn more about this.

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