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If you like your Blogger then don't switch to WP

See larger image below.

  • Do you have a Blogger blog?  Or want to start one?
  • Have people been telling you to use Wordpress because it’s a platform for “more serious” bloggers but it's not very user-friendly? 
  • Have you been dragging your feet about changing or starting your blog because you like how easy Blogger is to use

Great News! 

Now you don’t have to switch if you don’t want to.

 The two biggest clues that you have a Blogger blog are the Blogspot.com in your URL and the big Blogger bar across the top of your page. You need to get rid of those clues and the little ones like them.

There are two things you need in order to keep your blog on Blogger and not let anyone know.

First thing you need.
You need a custom URL. You can get your custom URL through Blogger. I would not recommend that. Instead get it from one of the large URL companies like www.GoDaddy.com This way if you ever decide to move your blog at a later date, you won’t have to worry about getting your URL released to you.

Second thing you need.
You need a Blogger template that doesn’t say “Blogger” or have their logo anywhere.
I’ve created a template that has no Blogger link or Logo on it.
This Blogger template is blue with an orange orchid in the header. If you are just starting a blog and don’t have an idea of what image to put in the header, this is a good one to start with.

This Semi-Custom Blogger Template is my gift to you. 
I also create custom blogger templates like the one you are on now for Creative Boomer.

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