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How to Make an Ebook. Part 2: Create a Cover that Grabs People

[Second Post in a Series on How to Make an Ebook]

Have you ever walked through the aisle of the book store and found yourself reaching for a book without even realizing it?

That’s the power of a good book cover and a good title.

Despite what our mothers told us, most people really do judge a book by its cover.

You could have a really good book. The contents of your book could be exactly what a person is looking for. But if the cover and title don’t grab them, they will never know.

The purpose of a book cover and title is to make a person want to find out more about the book. 
The cover and title make the person want to read the back cover of the book. Or in the case of an ebook, the cover and title make a person want to click and find out more. Without the desire to pick up the book or click on the ebook, you never have the chance to give them details about the book. You never have the opportunity to hold their attention long enough to sell them the book or get them to sign up for your email list.

Let’s looks at these two important items separately.

First, the ebook cover.

Below are three possible ebook covers for the same ebook. Each gives you a different feeling when you look at it.


The first is just text. It’s very boring. There is nothing to catch and hold the reader’s eye. With this cover, they will be on to the next ebook without ever clicking on this one.

The second has a very business feel. Visually there is a lot to look at with the two-tone graded background and the two colors of text.
Also whenever a face is in a picture, the eye naturally is drawn to that face. In this cover the person is looking straight back at the reader with confidence. 

The third evokes a more emotional feel. With the green stripes and the door into the garden, this cover gives a peaceful feeling. The text is all one color but arranged on different color backgrounds for visual variety. On this ebook cover, the author’s logo and photo were added to support visual branding. 

While a cover can help grab the reader’s attention, it does not grab attention by itself.

The other important element is the title.

Three things to consider when coming up with a title:

1. Don’t preach.

A title like “Why you should write an ebook” sounds just a little too much like your mother telling you why you should eat your veggies.

2. Think of a benefit your book gives to your reader.

Instead of “Why you should write an ebook”, a benefit could be “How to be seen as an expert”

3. Make it short.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the title to eight words or under. This makes it easier to read. (People don’t like having to wade through a long drawn out title.) It also makes it easy for people to promote your ebook on Twitter and still have room for their reviews or comments and a link to your ebook.

Combine a great title with a great cover design and you are on your way to an ebook that grabs people to want to know more.

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Come back for the next post in this series. 
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