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Brain Candy, Sometimes You Just Need Some

I’ve been reading a lot of serious, non-fiction technical books lately. Top that with having a head cold for the last few days and my brain was fried.

I needed a mental vacation … some Brain Candy.

For me, the best Brain Candy is a well-crafted romance novel.
  • I don’t have to follow any plot like I would in a suspense thriller.
  • I don’t have to follow the logic of an idea like I would in a technical manual.
  • I don’t have to keep track of when, where and who like I would in a biography.

In a romance novel, I just get to coast along, enjoy the scenery and anticipate the “happily ever after” at the end.
A pure mental vacation!
Brain Candy at its finest

So yesterday I was perusing the “romance shelves” at Amazon. With all the media attention lately about the Royal Wedding in the UK, I decided I wanted a romance with a royal theme.

I stumble upon an independent (“indie”), self-published author, Elizabeth Lennox. Her book cover jumped out at me because it was different, a black background with 2 people’s portraits. The story description for “Mistress to the Prince” sounded like exactly what I was looking for.

With “indie” authors, the books tend to be really good or really bad. At $3 for a Kindle book, I tried it. This author falls into the really good category. The story was well crafted and enjoyable. Exactly what I needed for my mental vacation.
I will definitely go back for more of this author's enjoyable books. She may be self-published but she writes better stories than a lot of the authors being published by the big publishing houses.

Find her books on Amazon here:

(The only negative I have about her book was in the Kindle formating. In about 3 places, a few sentences got jumbled up. I could figure out what was intended but it did momentarily pop me out of the story. This type of thing seems to happen a lot in indie books.)

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