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Who Am I?

I’ve done a lot of thinking after my last post. That post was about answering the question: 

If I could do anything I wanted, what would it be?

I kept coming back to the same thing.
I love creating,
I love researching and
I love sharing what I know.

So how could I share?

As a child, I grew up listening to Peter, Paul and Mary sing ballads that embedded themselves in my mind.  Folk Music, maybe due to that early influence, has always had a pull on me.  Who among us can’t sing at least half the words to Puff the Magic Dragon?

When I discovered how easy the Bowed Psaltery was to play and that I could play Folk Music on it with relative ease, I wrote a how-to book so others could also bring back the music of their youth.

This is how I can share.

I can use what I know or research to create instructional books or videos that make it easier for others to teach themselves.
I’m sure this idea will be refined over time but it’s a starting point.

A New Name
So with that, I have renamed this blog the “Creative Boomer”.

The content in this blog will continue to be about things that interest me as a Boomer woman. It will also contain my thoughts as I refine my ideas for my business.

What do you think of the new header?
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