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Your Life Was On That Computer When It Went “Poof!”

Do you use your computer a lot? Until your computer crashes, you don’t realize just how much of your life is contained in that little electronic mystery. Being a Baby Boomer, I didn't grow up texting but I've embraced technology and a lot of my life is on my computer.

  • All those emails that you put in organized folder in Outlook… gone
  • All those photos you took off the camera card… gone
  • All your website Favorites, the one you have no clue how to find except in your Favorites… gone
  • Access to your bank and the password you never remember since the computer fills it in for you… gone

That has been my life for the last 2 weeks. We revived my 6 year old computer long enough to pull files off of it before it had a final massive seizure and completely died.

The damaged hard drive with all my photos is at the specialist getting open-heart surgery. Since I thought the photos were safe on that hard drive, I hadn’t backed them up. Now I’m hoping this Computer Forensic Specialist (did you even know there was such a person?) can reconstruct all my family photos.

I think the rest of my computer life has been reconstructed. We were able to figure out where all those cables went to and reconnect most of them to the new computer. All the files, we were able to throw into the life boat as the old computer was sinking, have been safely put onto the new computer. I have most of the major programs I use reloaded. I think I’m ready to start living my life with a computer again.

The biggest lesson learned in all of this? MAKE BACKUPS!
Next time, there may not be time to get to the life boats….
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