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Growing Older Not Growing Old

Above are screen-captures from Dancing with the Stars.

Is Kirstie the same calibre of dancer as the other 2 finalists?
Has she proven something ?

A lot of people have the mindset that if you are over a certain age or weight that you should sit on the sidelines. Some people even have this idea about themselves.

Kirstie has proven the old adage “Where there's will, there's a way.”

In the compressed schedule of the show, she and her partner have had to make allowances for her age and nimbleness. Given her drive and a bit more time, these could have been overcome.
As much as we hate to admit it, it takes more effort to make and keep our bodies nimble as we age. That slice of chocolate cake takes up residence much faster and more stubbornly than it did before.

But as Kirstie shows us, becoming nimble is possible if we really want it.

There is a difference between growing older and getting old.
Kirstie has shown us that she admits to growing older but will not admit to getting old.

Hooray for her!

My husband and I have done ballroom dancing weekly for the last 6 years. A year ago, the cost made us go to once a month. We've gotten so out of shape! We just recently found a way to go back to once a week and Kirstie's spirit puts me in the right mood for our dance lesson tomorrow night. I can't wait to hit that dance floor!
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