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A Post of Passion

I've been reading a lot on what makes a great blog. One blog I like to read is ProBlogger. They just posted about writing what you are passionate about.

The author was saying that he's started many blogs but the ones he's kept going for years have been the ones where the subject was one he was passionate to learn about.

If you think about it, that makes so much sense. If you have a hobby or project that keeps you enthralled, you can't wait to get back to it.

The how-to book I'm writing is very much a passion for me. I spent a lot of time discovering information when I was teaching myself to play the Bowed Psaltery. I dug deep into the Internet because I just had to know as much about it as I could find.

Then when I decided to write the how-to book, it practically wrote itself because it was a continuation of that same passion.

I may have to admit to growing older. But I never want to loose my need to discover, to explore, to be passionate about life.
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