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Is It Really an Age-Defying Moisturizer?

Who are the cosmetic companies targeting for age-defying moisturizers?

I just use a moisturizer with UV protection but a friend who is barely over 30 uses an age-defying moisturizer. Something doesn’t sound right here.

Are we really that preprogrammed when we’re younger to fear growing older?
Or do cosmetic companies teach us to fear it?

For cosmetic companies, the younger they can hook us into the idea that we don’t want to grow older, the longer they can sell the product. With this thought, I did some looking into just who the cosmetic companies are targeting with these age-defying cosmetics.

On Revlon’s site, I clicked on the Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer. That took me to a page showing these four women.

 I have trouble believing any of them are over 30.

At Olay, they have a questionnaire. I give them credit for asking your age before suggesting products. But that’s about it.

I filled out the Olay questionnaire as a 20-something that moisturized constantly but was worried about wrinkles and wanted the most advanced skin care.
In response, they suggested a skin care routine of 5 products.

Three of those products were AGE-DEFYING!

For a 20-something woman!

Will targeting these products to women in their 20s and 30s really help them stay youthful looking into their 70s? Or is this another example of an industry creating and feeding a fear?
I think it’s the latter.

But then that’s the non-age-defying me happy in my own skin.
(Well, most days...)

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