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The Age of Fashion Privilege

I am starting this blog as an early birthday present to myself.  It's a way to mark a milestone in my journey.
In a few months, I will be turning 50.

It's funny, I don't tell people how old I'm turning and my husband knows that any kind of "hey your 50!" party is a justifiable cause for homicide. But even with all that, I'm not nearly as upset about turning 50 as I was about turning 40!

It probably helps that people tell me I look a lot younger than what 50 is perceived to look like.
So how did I arrive at the name of this blog? Well, after I turned 40 I dressed very frumpy and drab for a number of years. I felt old. But in recent years I've been dressing more for what pleases me and what puts a sparkle in my husband's eyes. I have a lot less care that other people may think I'm too old to dress a certain way.

With age comes the privilege of determining my own fashion.
And so the name of the blog... The Age of Fashion Privilege
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