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The Perfect Purse & One Less Thing to Remember

This morning, late as usual, with my coat on and keys in one hand, I grabbed my purse. It was still the purple purse I used yesterday. Just the wrong color for what I was wearing. But this was a Miche Big Bag. I raced into my room, grabbed a more neutral color shell and was out the door in less than 2 minutes without worrying that I'd forgotten to transfer something.

You haven't heard of the Miche Bag?

They are perfect for someone who
  • likes purses but not the amount of closet space they take up
  • likes to changes bags to coordinate with her outfit
  • likes to changes bags just because it's fun
  • hates being an hour from home only to find out she left something important in the side pocket of her other purse

This bag consists of a base cloth bag with pockets inside it and a fashionable over shell.
So instead of transferring the contents of your purse, you transfer the outside shell.

This is such a brilliant idea!

The company brings out a few new shells each month.
The photo at the top shows a few of the latest. I’ve been eyeing the pink and the white ones. I might just succumb and get them. But then the teal one is nice too. 
And if I wait until  tomorrow, they’ll show the new April shells and there might be one there I want.

So many choices! Maybe these bags aren’t such a good idea… 


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