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Something Odd in Your Jewelry Box

Do you have something odd in your closet or jewelry box that you don’t know where you got but you can’t do without?

Well, other than that 30 year old sweatshirt you refuse to part with… or is that just me?

My odd, indispensable item is what I call a Necklace Shortener.  I’ve had it forever and have no memory of where or when I got it. It’s a small, gold-plated ring with a hinge at one end and a snap at the other end.

With it, I can take a long single strand necklace and make a double strand choker. I’ve pulled it around front in this photo so you can see it. Usually it is in the back hidden under my hair.

When I wear a top with a deep V-neck like I did today, this double strand choker does a nice job of visually cutting up that long expanse of skin.

The top I wore today was a new wrap top from Dress Barn.

The cross-over wrap in front gave a little idea of cleavage without really showing anything because the top  hugged my curves at the neckline. So I was able to have a deep neckline without showing everyone what the center bridge of my bra looked like!

I liked how this top fit, I’m going to keep my eye out for more in this style… maybe sleeveless for summer. 
If you see any in pretty colors, let me know.

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