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Stumbling thru the internet just got Easier

Have you discovered StumbleUpon?

It's a way to wander around the internet based on what interests you.
You start by picking general topics like: gardening, fashion, blogging. It then recommends sites for you to see. Each time you visit a site in StumbleUpon, you give that site a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.
StumbleUpon learns from what you like and don't like and recommends future sites to visit based on that.

All the sites recommended on StumbleUpon were recommended to be put on there by someone so the odds of finding something interesting are better than a random Google search.
I've added the blue & green SU logo to the bottom of my posts. If you like any post, please hit the SU logo below the post to recommend it to StumbleUpon.

Happy stumbling!
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