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Why do I have to be practical?

I have an affliction that I'm fighting.
It's called being too practical.

Being practical can sometimes be a good thing.
But being too practical can be boring.

What do I mean by too practical? Like the fact that I love high heels yet wear flats.
I love the way high heels look just sitting there by themselves. I love the way they make my legs look when I wear them. And I love how they pull any outfit up a notch.

My current favorite with jeans or slacks.

Yet most of the time I wear flats or sneakers. Why? Well, they are comfortable and I can walk faster in them. In other words, they are practical.

I'm making progress though. I've made it a goal to wear heels (aided by comfort insoles) at least twice a week and I've been doing pretty good sticking to this.
A side benefit is on the days I wear heels, I feel prettier and more confident.

While the shoes are an ongoing battle, there is one place where I've won the battle against boring.
Over the last 15-20 years I've driven very practical cars, nice SUVs. But about as far as you can get from my dream car of the 1958 Corvette.
Well, this past Fall, I'd finally had enough.

My husband's car had been totaled in an accident. He was okay but his fully paid-off, 10-year old car was crunched. He'd always had a dream of driving a BMW. We found that 8-10 year old BMW sedans were within our budget and started test driving them.
Test driving these cars highlighted even more how much I hated my car which for a practical cross-over had neither oomph nor traction.

So while looking for a car for him, we started looking for a car for me. As an artist who often paints on large canvas, I couldn't totally give up the large cargo space. But you know what? The sporty, 2-door models have fold-down back seats! I found a 10-year old, white BMW 330i that was only $10 more a month than the car payment on the “practical” car.

I've had this beauty for 6 months now and I'm so glad I gave up the practical car. With snow tires, my BMW has as good traction as any SUV I've had but it's so much more fun!

I swear the gas pedal is hooked to my smile muscles. I put my foot to the accelerator, my head is pushed back into the headrest and a big smile appears on my face!

I can't wait for the weather to warm up enough to go thru my Rite of Spring Ritual in my new car: crusing with the windows and sunroof wide-open listening to the Best of the Beach Boys.

Yeah, I'm winning the battle against practical!
Are you?
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