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We are Better Together

  • Are you a woman blogger near or over 50?
  • Do you have a unique view you like sharing with your blog?
  • Do you enjoy reading blogs by other women your age?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to join the webring Prime Time Women.

I’ve tried to find blogs by women my age but this has not been easy. I've had to dig down one blogroll after another. 

I believe there are a lot of us blogging on a variety of subjects. 
But there are no keywords that will help us find each other.

I'd like to make it easier for us all to connect and send traffic to one another.

You can see the real gadget box at the bottom of this blog.

To make it easier for us to find each other, I created a webring called Prime Time Women.

A WebRing is a group of similar sites that are linked to one another by a simple navigation bar/box with the two-fold purpose of creating community and sharing online traffic.
There is no cost to join. 
(You have to look hard to find the free membership on the site but it’s there!)
If you have a Blogger blog, you grab the Nav code and put it in a HTML Gadget. 

When a reader is on a member blog, they can click NEXT in the widget and go to another member's blog. 
Or they can see a list of all the member blogs. This way we can find each other and so can our readers.

As Marti Barletta put it in her book PrimeTime Women:
We, the generation of women from 50-70, “are the healthiest, wealthiest, most active, independent, and influential generation of women in history.”

Let’s band together and learn from each other.

I love reading blogs by other Prime Time women but these blogs are just so hard to find. I hope we can change that.

Please join me with your blog. 
Send me an email and I will send you the link to join the webring.
My email is ann _@_ spanielhill.com  (just replace the _@_ with @, I do that so spam robots don’t grab my email address)

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